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Ben 10 - Toys - Omnitrix Alien Viewer

Ben 10 - Toys - Omnitrix Alien ViewerThe Animating Omnitrix, the official name of Ben's watch, is true to scale for realistic role play. Each omnitrix comes with animation chips forthree different Aliens, which feature 8 animation cells depicting Ben's transformation into an Alien. Insert the animation chip into the watch faceto see Ben transform into different Aliens.

Customer Review: My 4 year old son loves this toy

This watch is a hit. There are at least 5 boys in my son's preschool that have gone out and purchased this watch. They love it. They all play with them during recess. It's not my favorite toy because I have to help my son read which figure he has to transform into. However, I would say there is some educational benefit to the toy - it is helping my son read and recognize letters. He has me write letters so he can battle without me reading it. I must admit that having a light on this would be beneficial. However, This is his favorite Ben 10 toy . . . besides the figurines.

Customer Review: interest holds strong

My son requested this toy for his 7th birthday. He's a fairly good fan of Ben 10. With most plastic toys I try not to spend much on them as they break fairly easy with my three boys. This one has thus far proven me wrong and has held up to the abuse of three boys who eagerly await to take turns wearing it. It's proven amusing to watch them pretend to morph into the different Ben10 creatures. I give it a 3 in educational becasue I think making use of a child's imagination is worth at least that in the way of education if not more. All in all I'm glad I purchased it. Well worth the money spent. No regrets.
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