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Mens Timex Easy Reader Expandable Watch

Mens Timex Easy Reader Expandable WatchAnalog, Easy Reader Silver-Tone Expansion Band, INDIGLO Night-Light, 10-Year Battery, 30 Meter Water Resistant

Customer Review: I Should Have Gone With Timex To Begin With!

I have been through a lot of watches in the last ten years. The problem is that I was spending too much money on watches with fancy names that weren't very good or dependable. I saw this watch on sale and picked it up. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. The band was a bit big, but the jewlery store was able to resize it perfectly for just a few bucks. What I like about this watch is that it is very simple and looks great. I don't need the date on my watch because if I forget what day it is my problems are greater than my watch. I just wanted a normal looking watch that works, and this one is perfect for me. For the design, the quality and the price you just can't go wrong. I really like the indigo feature and everything about this watch. Perfect for a present to give to someone without breaking the bank. It's about time!!!!!

Customer Review: Nice watch

Just bought this watch as a replacement for pop-pop's old watch that he's had for over 10 years. Although his old watch still kept perfect time, the band broke (more like wore-out) and he replaced the band with an even more hideous band he found from an older watch, so I just had to get him a new watch. I had looked at getting him a more pricey, kinetic watch with lots of features and styling, but I know he just absolutely LOVES the Timex Indiglo feature and the expandable band, plus the easy-read dial is great for reading the time with his glasses off. I know he would not be happy with anything else but another Timex.
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