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Timex Women's Classic Cavatina Expansion Watch T21882

Timex Women's Classic Cavatina Expansion Watch  T21882Add timeless style to any ensemble with the Timex T21882 gold-tone stainless steel women's watch, which features a link expansion band. The vertically oval watch case has a slightly raised bezel that frames a champagne dial background with full Arabic numeral marking and thin baton hands (with seconds hand) in gold.

Customer Review: Timex Women's Classic Cavatina Expansion Watch #T21882

Timex Women's Classic Cavatina Expansion Watch T21882: I returned the watch, since I wanted a white watch face with real numbers. The face was a pearl rather than a flat white. The pearl background distorted the view of the numbers, since it reflected the light hitting the face of the watch. I have had a Timex watch exactly like this one but with a flat white background on the face, so that is what I expected. From the picture on the website it was impossible to see that the face was not what I wanted. I have a small wrist and do not want a big watch, so the size is good. And, I do not want to fight with putting the watch on my wrist, so the expansion band is perfect. If your eyesight is better than mine, the watch may be what you want.

Customer Review: The Perfect Watch

This watch is perfect! I only buy watches with expansion bands and some of them pinch your wrist. This one doesn't. It is delicate looking yet sturdy. A great value.
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