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Timex T5H881 Midsize Digital Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Timex T5H881 Midsize Digital Fitness Heart Rate Monitor WatchThe TimexIronman Heart Rate Monitor provides a digital transmission that guarantees a clear individual signal. There will be no more interferences from other heart rate monitors or strong electromagnetic fields, e.g. power lines. The world famous Timex Ironman Series fulfills the expectations of hobby athletes and professional athletes. Comprehensive functions to measure lap and split times allow for excellent monitoring of your performance. The Timex Bodylink Pulse Monitor is compatible with the Timex Data Recorder to record and transfer data to your PC. Features: EKG-accurate heart rate measurement with a digital chest strap, average and maximum heart rate per split time and for total workout, 5 target zones that can be set manually or automatically, display of training time within target zone, recovery timer and calorie counter, 100 hour chronograph, 30 lap time memory, interval timer with stop at end, repeat at end, chrono at end, time with alarm, Indiglo Night Light Display, datarecorder, 30m water resistant, self-replaceable batteries. Strap: Fits chest sizes from 25 inches to 53 inches, Month/day/date with 12/24 hour time

Customer Review: An excellent purchase

I bought this T5H881 HRM to help my wife began a training program. It is ease to work and it has all information she needs. She is so pleased with this product. The instruction manual was clearly written and easy to understand.

There are just enough functions for she without loading the product up with things she will never use. The use is simple and she can remember how to use it without having to refresh her memory by repeatedly rereading the manual.

The price was excellent. So, figuring out all these benefits in a Timex product I decided to buy one T5J31 HRM to me.

Customer Review: I like it

This is a great watch. It helps me greatly when I am working out. Not only does it display my heart rate, but it also gives me five different ranges to choose from. I also like the review mode where it tells me how my workout was such as max heartrate, min heartrate, average heartrate, and calories burned.

When buying it, I was a little worried that it may be too big, but it is a good size for a watch. I also misread the description and I thought the watch would download data to my computer for a graph. However, to do that it requires purchasing another product from timex that is about $80 to $100.

Overall, I would recommend it. Great watch.
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