Jumat, 16 Januari 2009

Timex Ironman T5G311 Midsize Bodylink System Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Timex Ironman T5G311 Midsize Bodylink System Heart Rate Monitor WatchIndiglo / 100-Lap Memory / 3-Mode Countdown Timer / 5 Alarms / Water Resist 50 Meters / Black/Grey/Silver Housing

Customer Review: Too Small

When I opened the package I realized that this is definitely a woman's watch. That's fine, because I got it for my wife, but I was hoping to use it too. Then, within the first 5 minutes of having it out of the package, the battery door on the GPS unit got stuck and I broke it trying to un-stick it. I managed to rig it to work.

When I took it outside to try to acquire the satellites, I found out that the light that shows if you have the satellites is not nearly bright enough to see in the sunlight.

The watch is not medium sized as advertised, but pretty darn small. That's fine, but the main screen for exercising has three lines of info on it. The numbers are so small, you really have to look at it, not just glance at it like I am used to doing with other HRMs.

Other than those issues, it did work well!

Customer Review: Bodylink system

This product works great and allows me to monitor my heart rate while working out!
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