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G.I. Vietnam Era Type Wind-Up Watch

G.I. Vietnam Era Type Wind-Up WatchCustomer Review: Excellent purchase for its price

This is a hand-wind watch. It is rare to find a wrist watch with this mechanism that is not an antique. The nylon band absorbed a lot of water during a morning run. Othewise, it is a good fit. The arms, especially the second hand is easily visable for those of use with failing eyesight.

Based on a limited measurement, 3 points, the watch is running fast by an average of 39 seconds per week (2 min. 36 seconds per month). The students t for a 95% confidence interval is 68 seconds maximum and 10 seconds minimum. All of these values are positive. The watch runs fast. This is an error which is probably unusual for those familar with quartz technology (+/- 2-4 seconds per month)

All in all, this is an excellent watch for working outside, hunting, even running.

The next tests will be time to unwind. It is performed by winding the watch, carefully, to maximum and then allowing it to wind down. With one sample point: 51 hours to unwind from maximum at 74 F.

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